A message from Mrs. Tarasiuk and Mrs. Sosin



We look forward to beginning the 2017-2018 school year! We hope that you have had a wonderful summer and have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We are excited to welcome our Einstein owls in just a few short weeks!

We are looking forward to continuing our work with the staff, students, and parent community to ensure a successful school year and enjoy many celebrations to come. Below, you will find helpful information to plan for the year ahead.

Back-to-School and Curriculum Night
Our Back-to-School and Curriculum Night will be held Thursday, August 17th from 5:15-7:15. This is an opportunity to meet the staff, drop-off supplies, sign up for conferences and hear teacher presentations regarding curriculum and expectations.

We will also have red plastic take-home folders for purchase for $2.00 for grades K-2.  Teachers utilize planners with students in grades 3-6. Planners can be purchased for $4.00. They will be available for purchase in the main lobby.  School supply lists were sent home with report cards in June and are on our website.

Our PTA will also be here to share information about membership, hot lunch, spirit wear, and much more. They are also including a free Back-to-School treat! For specific times and more information, please review the link below.

NEW THIS YEAR for Back-to-School Night
Pizza will be available for purchase for $2.00 a slice and a water bottle for .50. We look forward to spending dinner with you!  Invite

Class Placements
Enrollment forms and updated leases need to be returned to the school office with all current information.  *If your Student Enrollment Forms/Proof of Residency are not returned, your child is not enrolled for the upcoming school year. Therefore, he/she will not be assigned to a class.  Call the Einstein office if you have any questions at 630-736-2500.

First Day of School for 1st through 6th grade – August 21, 2016-New This Year!
Have you ever heard, “it takes a village to raise a child”? There is something special about the first day of school. We would love our parent community to join us in welcoming all of our Einstein Owls back to school. We will be lined up outside of our front door (Door 1) with staff and families to form a celebration tunnel as students walk in the building.

All classroom teachers will be in their classrooms waiting for all of our students. We will also have staff in the hallways to escort your child once they enter the building if they need assistance.

For safety reasons, adults will not be able to accompany students into the building.

Beginning on August 21st, your child will be let into the building starting at 8:25am.  All children will enter through Door 1(front door) or Door 6 (behind the school).  Students riding the bus will enter through Door 1. Students riding the bus who are in our Instructional Classrooms will enter through Door 14.  For safety reasons, adults will not be able to accompany students into the building.

Teacher Assignments
You will receive a letter in the mail with information regarding your child’s teacher for the upcoming school year, they will be mailed home on August 11thPlease note, the staff has worked diligently to place every child in an environment which best suits his/her learning needs.  Therefore, requests for placement changes will not be honored unless there is an extreme circumstance.

Incoming Kindergarteners will receive information regarding their teachers after their screening which takes place the week of August 21st. We want to ensure the best placement for each of our students.

If you do not receive your child’s placement letter by August 15th, please contact Einstein’s main office to ensure all paperwork and registration is current and complete.

Solar Eclipse
District 54 is aware that the first day of school for most of our students, Monday – August 21, is the day of the solar eclipse. During a total solar eclipse the moon lines up with the sun, blocking the sun from view. Our community is not on the path of totality (the closest area is Carbondale, Illinois), which means those in the District 54 community would only see a partial eclipse (the moon will not fully cover the sun). The partial eclipse will be viewable in our area from 11:53 a.m. to 2:41 p.m.

Looking directly at the sun is never safe and it would be impossible for staff to ensure that children are not watching the changes in the sky that occur with even a partial eclipse. Therefore, we will be keeping students inside for recess and lunch on August 21. Students will have the opportunity to view the eclipse through NASA’s website at Some parents have expressed a desire to keep their students home and travel to see the eclipse. Parents have the right to make this decision for their children and we will be happy to welcome their students on August 22.

Arrival & Dismissal
School hours are 8:40am – 3:00pm.  Please note, beginning Wednesday, August 24th, every Wednesday is designated for staff development.  Students are dismissed 30 minutes early at 2:30pm.
We open our doors to welcome all students in at 8:25, this is when our 1st bell rings. Our second bell rings at 8:35, as our second warning bell. Class begins at 8:40.

The parking lot remains closed from 8:20-8:45 and 2:55-3:10 for student safety. On Wednesdays, due to early dismissal, the parking lot will be closed from 2:25-2:40.

Students in Grades 1-6 who are walkers will exit Door 14. Kinder walkers will exit Door 13. All bussers exit Door 1.

When dropping off students, there will be a crossing guard at the intersection of Laurie Lane and Kensington. We are very fortunate to have a crossing guard to safely guide our children during arrival and dismissal.

Please familiarize yourself with the parking/safety signs along Laurie Lane and Kensington. Please note, the cul-de-sac behind the school does not allow for parked vehicles.

Lunch and Recess  Periods
Lunch times and recess times are alternated to maximize space and student safety.

Einstein’s lunch and recess periods are listed below:

11:15-12:00 4th and 5th grades
11:45-12:30 Kindergarten and 1st grades
12:15-1:00  2nd, 3rd, and 6th grades

Please note: On Half-Day Inservice days there are no lunch periods since students are dismissed at 11:40am.

Welcome to Einstein Kindergarteners!
We cannot wait to welcome our Kindergarteners to Einstein School! What great experiences lie ahead in making new friends, learning new things, and developing a love for school!  The first day of school for Kinder is Monday, August 28th.

Our kinder teachers will be sending a “Kinder Screening” packet home in the near future. They will be inviting you and your incoming Kinder on August 22nd, 23rd or 24th. Please be expecting this information. If you cannot attend the scheduled screening date assigned to you, please contact the office at 630-736-2500.

Kindergarten school hours align with students in grades 1-6th. After the first day of Kinder, students may arrive through Doors 1 and 6.

**If your child is picked-up from school, they will exit by Door 13 on the west side of the building.  This door is strictly designated for Kinders to exit the building on a daily basis. If you have other children attending Einstein, they will be exiting through door 14. Please discuss a specific meeting place with your children. We want to provide the safest environment possible.

Kinder bussers will be escorted daily onto their busses by our Einstein Patrols.

A Reminder to Parents of Incoming Sixth Graders
A packet was mailed home in January regarding health requirements for entry into the sixth grade. A current physical examination (dated 8-15-16 or later) is required for entry into the sixth grade. All children entering sixth grade must show proof of receiving 1 dose of Tdap, 3 hepatitis B vaccines, 2 doses of varicella vaccines and 1 dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine.  Please have the Certificate of Child Health Examination (sixth grade physical examination form) completed by the physician and documentation showing proof of required vaccines and return it to the school nurse by the first day of school in August, 2017. Sixth grade students who have not had the above requirements completed will be excluded from school.

Our Einstein staff has been working incredibly hard preparing for the new school year. Below you will find the Einstein Team for the 2017/18 school year:

Kindergarten Team:
Mrs. Shaw-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Edmunds-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Miskowicz-Classroom Teacher

1st Grade Team:
Mrs. Nolte (formally Ms. Lehman)-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Nicolleti-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Freeman-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Gallegos-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. White-Paraprofessional

2nd Grade Team
Mrs. Sutton-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Weber-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Daly-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Femrite-Paraprofessional

3rd Grade Team
Ms. Tringali-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Jones-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Eggert-Classroom Teacher

4th Grade Team
Mrs. Lee-Classroom Teacher
Mr. Burback-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Conway-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Green-Paraprofessional

5th Grade Team
Mrs. Myers-Classroom Teacher
Ms. DeFalco-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Tibbs (formally Ms. Helle-Classroom Teacher)

6th Grade Team
Ms. Daubach-Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Piraino-Classroom Teacher

Instructional Program Team
Ms. Curry- Classroom Teacher
Ms. Kloss – Classroom Teacher
Ms. Bailey- Classroom Teacher
Ms. Ratcliff – Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Hayes-Classroom Teacher
Ms. Vida – Classroom Teacher
Mrs. Ruhl – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Redding – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Bodziak – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Luckett – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Lauderdale – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Tulsiani – Paraprofessional
Mrs. Pitter – Paraprofessional
Ms. Spandiary – Paraprofessional
Ms. Magsamen-Paraprofessional
Ms. Lewinski-Paraprofessional
Ms. Quigley-Paraprofessional
Ms. Cohn-Paraprofessional
Mr. Legatzke – CIA
Mrs. Samara-CIA

Bilingual Team
Ms. Borri – EL Teacher
Ms. Mescher – EL Teacher
Mrs. Khan (formally Ms. Fernandez) – EL Teacher
Mrs. Brooks – EL Teacher

Coaching Team
Mrs. Thas– Coach
Mrs. Peoplis– Coach
Ms. Astrug– Gifted Enrichment Coach
Mrs. Martin-Bowman, PBIS Coach
Mrs. Roth-Behavior Interventionist

Literacy and Math Support Team
Mrs. Meyers
Ms. Lennert-Bryant
Mrs. Wallace

Fine Arts Team/Learning Resource
Ms. Sumner– Music Teacher
Ms. Bella– Music Teacher
Mr. Steffans – PE Teacher
Ms. Dirmeikis– PE Teacher
Mr. Whitney – Art Teacher
Mrs. Forbes– Art Teacher
Mrs. Kern-Learning Resource Teacher
Mrs. Everitt – Learning Resource Assistant
Ms. Ceballos – Band Teacher
Ms. Ross – Orchestra Teacher

Special Education Team
Ms. Ironside – Special Service Teacher
Mrs. McCarron – Special Service Teacher
Mrs. Riddick-Special Services Teacher
Ms. Tanzi – School Psychologist
Mrs. Lome – Social Worker
Ms. Young-Social Worker
Ms. Podvrsan– Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Street– Speech Pathologist
Mrs. Howarth-Physical Therapist
Mrs. Holt-Occupational Therapist
Ms. Beniacs– School Nurse
Ms. Hill-School Nurse

Office Team
Mrs. Tarasiuk – Principal
Mrs. Sosin – Assistant Principal
Mrs. Chevarria – Secretary
Mrs. Angelos – Secretary

Custodial Team
Mr. Hojnacki– Day Custodian
Mr. Grant – Night Custodian
Mr. Khan – Night Custodian

Dates to Add to Your Calendar
August 17th: Back To School and Curriculum Night 5:15pm-7:15pm
August 21st: 1st Day of School, 1st-6th grades
August 28th:  1st Day of School, Kindergarten; Boo Hoo Breakfast for all Kinder parents

We are looking forward to seeing our students’ smiling faces, welcoming our new families and reconnecting with our current Einstein families!  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out in the days ahead.