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A Message from Mrs. Tarasiuk and Mrs. Sosin 3/9/18

Einstein is the place to be! We cannot believe Trimester 3 has arrived!  Students have been working diligently on reaching their goals and striving to do their personal best. We are excited to see all that our students will accomplish this spring.

Pizza Day
Our students love pizza Fridays! Please send $2.00 with your child(ren) on Fridays. Sending in exact change would be greatly appreciated. We want to ensure that students are not overpaying and that they are not holding onto large amounts of money during the school day.

End of the Trimester
The second trimester ended on March 2, 2018. Report cards will be available via the Parent Portal on March 13. There is much to celebrate!

Girls on the Run
Girls on the Run is cancelled this Monday, March 12th.

News from the PTA
The PTA is in the process of accepting nominations for all board positions for next school year. The positions available are:

Please consider nominating someone or yourself for one of these positions! It is a very rewarding experience to work with the staff and children of Einstein to run programs and promote family at our school.

We are also in need of chair people for our committees for next year.  Without the support of our volunteers, we will not be able to maintain several of the committees for next school year. We do not want to have to eliminate any of the events here at Einstein due to a lack of commitment and support from our community. If you would like to run a committee next year please email with your contact information and the committee you would like to chair by April 13th.

The following are committees which need a head chairperson:
MEMBERSHIP-can be mostly done from home.

HOT LUNCH-Need to be in school once a month to run hot lunch program and will coordinate with all the vendors and keep track of all the orders and getting volunteers to help distribute hot lunch on all hot lunch days.

HOLIDAY DINNER-Evening event run in conjunction with holiday workshop in December.  Need to arrange school-wide dinner and sell tickets to event.  Can be done from home except the day of the event must be at school to set up approximately 4:00 pm unless you have set up volunteers to set up for you.

HOLIDAY WORKSHOP-This event needs a co-chair.  The event has a chairperson, but she needs someone willing to run the event during the school hours one day in December to help the kids shop and purchase items for their families.  The co-chair will also be required to be there in the evening to help at the Holiday Dinner if the holiday dinner is continued at the school should someone volunteer to chair.

FAMILY FUN NIGHTS-Evening events that require evening attendance and 4:00 set up approximately unless you have coordinated enough volunteers to set up for you.   These events can be movie nights, game nights, bingo night, etc.  It is a blank slate for the right person and needs a chairperson to head the committee.

BOOK FAIR-Book Fair is run in conjunction with the conference schedules in October and January.  The book fair is held in the library and will require work leading up to the event that can be done from home along with attendance at the book fair during the day and evening hours while the Book Fair is open including set up and clean up. Requires multiple volunteers to run smoothly.

YEARBOOK/PICTURE DAY-This chair can require the help of multiple people.  If there are a few of you that would like to take pictures, and like to be creative this may be for you.  Most work on the book can be done at home, while the picture taking at events and correspondence with staff is done at school.  This position works best with a creative mind and another person to be the admin side of things, selling, and keeping track of sales.  We currently have a Chairperson that could use a few hands for next year.

MUFFINS WITH MOMS/DONUTS WITH DADS-This position could use the help of a co-chairperson to see that clean up and set up is completed. The events are run in September and January in the morning before school.

I appreciate you taking the time to consider volunteering your time for our children here at Einstein.  If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me and I am more than happy to help.  We would love to see some new faces join the PTA and continue to run these great events for our children.

Thank you,

Katie Kopecky
PTA President