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Message from Mrs. Tarasiuk and Mrs. Sosin 9/14/18

This week we asked students to write down the random acts of kindness that they have performed. It was so exciting to see the number of post-its on our office counter! The students hand delivered them with such pride! We looking forward to continuing our work on positive psychology and happiness.

Universal Screener
As a school, we strive to meet the needs of the whole child, including the social-emotional needs of every student.  Our teachers know your child by name and by need and we work hard to build relationships and understand all of our learners.  To better ensure we support every student, this year we will be using a universal screener to help us ensure we have identified every student who may need additional social-emotional support. 

The universal screener is a series of questions that staff members complete for the students they support. Students do not participate in the screener or receive direct feedback about the results. If your child has elevated risk factors identified through this screener, we would contact you directly to discuss how we can work together to intervene and support your student.  This is simply one additional way for our staff make sure we are helping every student be successful.  If you have any questions about the screener, please feel free to contact me. 

Message from the PTA
Come enjoy a muffin with your mom (or other significant female) on Wednesday, September 19, 2018.  After enjoying time with your child, moms can walk their child to their classroom.   

In order to have enough muffins, kindly rsvp to this evite no later than September 17, 2018.  This is a PTA sponsored event and muffins are no charge to the parent, however we ask that you limit your attendance to one adult per child.  We really hope you can join us.  smiley
Leslie Robelly

2018/2019 Reflections
The Reflections Program is here for the 2018-2019 school year!  Reflections is the National PTA Arts Program that asks students to get creative! The theme this year is “Heroes Around Me”. Students can enter as many projects as they like, in as many categories as they like. The categories are Literature, Visual Arts, Photography, Dance Choreography, Musical Composition and Film Production. So draw, paint, make a collage, write something, take a photo, compose a song, choreograph a dance or produce a movie! All projects must reflect this year’s theme.

For more information and entry forms, please contact Jill Leone at

Crisis Plan and Drills
Student safety is a top priority in District 54 and at Einstein. Each year, we practice safety drills for fire, severe weather, bus evacuation, and emergency response in coordination with our local police and fire departments.  Today, the Hanover Park Police Department assisted us with a Hard Lockdown Drill. The students did a fantastic job of following directions and safety protocol.

Erin’s Law
Four years ago, we began implementing a child sexual abuse prevention program in our schools as the result of the passage of Public Act 097-1147, also known as Erin’s Law.  This law expanded upon previous legislation and required child sexual abuse prevention education for child beginning in pre-kindergarten and continuing through all grade levels.  Our students will be participating in lessons in their classrooms in October.  Please contact us at 630-736-2500 with any specific questions.