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Message from Mrs. Tarasiuk and Mrs. Sosin 11/5/18

Reminder: No school tomorrow, Tuesday 11.6.18.

Positivity is Key at Einstein
At the beginning of the school year, Einstein families received a copy of The Orange Frog Family Reading Guide, which is a parable based on the foundations of The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor.  We also shared a version of the parable at our 1st All School Assembly on the first day of school. This year we will be bringing The Happiness Advantage to life at Einstein School by focusing on the different happiness habits. You can refer to page 77 in your Orange Frog Family Reading Guide to learn more about all of the Happiness Tactics & Habits.

In November we will be focusing on Conscious Acts of Kindness! Take a look at pages 86 and 87 in the Family Reading Guide. By practicing Conscious Acts of Kindness, we are not only putting a smile on someone’s face, we also feel good for sharing positivity with others.

We would love to connect with our Einstein Community as we commit to our Conscious Acts of Kindness.
We have begun today with our Penny Wars! Students have been proudly bringing in their pennies and silver coins! I witnessed a Kinder student empty a Ziploc baggie filled with pennies into her Kinder jar to help the children at St. Alexius Hospital in Hoffman Estates. I also saw a 5th grader purposely putting 3 quarters into the 6th grade jar, so that they would deduct from their total amount of pennies. Game on! Let’s see which grade level can donate the most! I love seeing how strategic the students are when donating and trying to get their own grade level to win!

Our Conscious Acts of Kindness does not stop there!

On Veteran’s Day, we will be writing letters and making cards for our troops during the holiday season. We would like to share our gratitude for their service. We will also be reading America’s White Table. Einstein will have their own white table to accompany our “memorial wall”. We will  be creating our very own “memorial wall” at Einstein. You will be receiving a paper brick this week to decorate, making it your own. Please return them to the school by this Friday as we are looking to create our wall of dedication.

Our Happiness Committee which is run by our very own Einstein staff has created a brief presentation and activities which demonstrate the meaning of gratitude for our primary and intermediate students. Here is a sneak peek at the videos.
Click here for the Thankful Book by Todd Parr. Click here for the WestJet Story

Einstein is also here to provide our families with support. We can offer many services and connections to food pantries, clothing closets, outside counseling, and support during the holiday season as well. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, as we are always here to help.
Community Closet Flyer for District 54 Food Pantry.docx