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Message from Mrs. Tarasiuk and Mrs. Sosin 4/25/19

Has your child come home and told you that they have been sparked lately? Being sparked is a way to give back to one another! Some classes were showered with stamp cards, others took their partner classes outside to play a game. Providing others with positive experiences allows all involved to benefit!

Last Day of School
Due to the number of severe weather days when school was cancelled this year, the District 54 School Board officially set June 6, 2019 as the last day of school. This will be a half-day of school to make up for the half-day missed when school was cancelled Jan. 30. On half days all elementary schools will release at 11:40  a.m.

News from the PTA
Sprinkles Fundraiser is May 3rd! Check out the attachment to join in for some ice cream and fun!Sprinkles.pdf