October 9, 2020
Dear Einstein Families, 

Below you will find important upcoming dates and information for both Hybrid and Remote Learners. 

We hope you have a fantastic extended weekend with your families! 

Hybrid Learners
For all students who will be returning to the building in our Hybrid model, a verification card will need to be picked up for each child. Parents will be able to pick these up at Einstein on October 15th and 16th from 8AM-4PM. These verification cards indicate that parents have conducted a symptoms screening on their child prior to arriving at school and/or boarding the bus. These cards will need to be shown prior to boarding the bus and entering the building. 

The days on which your child will be attending will be emailed to you Tuesday after school.

Remote Learners
On Wednesday October 28th, we will be having our Boo Through. In addition, students who are learning remotely will be picking up Trimester 2 supplies during that time as well. Our event will run from 3:15-4:00. If you cannot make that time, please plan to pick up supplies on Thursday, October 29th from 8AM-4PM. 

Important Information Regarding Physical and Immunization Requirements for Students Returning to Hybrid
At this time, all child-health related requirements for school attendance remain in effect as per Illinois School Code 105 ILCS 5/27-8.1. Letters went this week for students returning to Hybrid reminding parents of the state of Illinois requirements for immunizations and physicals. If you received one of these letters, please complete the requirements. Students returning to Hybrid will not be allowed to return to in person school if these requirements are not met by October 19. Faxed to 630-736-2501 or scanned to [email protected].

Friday, October 16th-All students in General Education
District 54 will provide an asynchronous day of learning on Friday, October 16th.  This day will focus on activities based on the book I Am Human by well-known author Susan Verde and Art by Peter H. Reynolds.  Their book, I Am Human, is a book about embracing empathy and the potential of each day. This book and the activities for the day, encourage us to make good choices by acting with compassion and having empathy for ourselves and others. The social-emotional lesson activities will focus on being The Best Version of Me! Students will be able to select activities that support their social-emotional well-being. Our school will also have a padlet where students can share a picture, post or video of their work from the day.  The interactive link for activities will be sent to you on Friday, October 16th.

This day will focus on how we learn, dream, and wonder to be the best version of ourselves. We hope you’ll join us to share how you’re connected to your friends, your family, your school, and your community. After all, we are all humans together! 

*Please note all students who are in our Instructional Classrooms will still attend school on the 16th whether it is virtual or in-person. Our Instructional Classrooms will have their asynchronous day of learning on October 14th.  

viernes 16 de octubre
El Distrito 54 proporcionará un día de aprendizaje asincrónico el viernes 16 de octubre. Este día se centrará en actividades basadas en el libro Yo Soy Humano de la autora Susan Verde y arte por Peter H. Reynolds. El libro, Yo Soy Humano, es un libro sobre cómo tener empatía y el potencial de cada día. Este libro y las actividades del día nos animan a tomar buenas decisiones, actuar con compasión y tener empatía por nosotros mismos y los demás. ¡Las actividades de la lección socioemocional se enfocarán en ser la mejor versión de sí mismo! Los estudiantes podrán seleccionar actividades que apoyan su bienestar socioemocional. Nuestra escuela también tendrá un padlet donde los estudiantes podrán compartir una foto, publicación o video de su trabajo del día. Enviaremos el enlace interactivo el viernes 16 de octubre.

Este día se enfocará en cómo ser la mejor versión de nosotros mismos y cómo aprendemos, soñamos y nos maravillamos. Esperamos que se una a nosotros para compartir cómo están conectados con sus amigos, su familia, su escuela y su comunidad. Como sabes, juntos todos somos seres humanos!

*todos los alumnos de clases Instruccionales continuarán la escuela el 16 de octubre aunque sea virtual o en persona. Nuestras clases instruccionales tendrán sus actividades académicas asincrónicas el 14 de octubre. (te lo mandarán por correo electrónico). 

Upcoming Dates

  • ​​​​​​​October 9-   Full-day Parent-Teacher Conferences – no school all day
  • October 12- No School – Columbus Day
  • October 14- Asynchronous Day for Instructional Classrooms
  • October 15 & 16-Pick up for Symptom Verification Card for Hybrid Learners
  • October 16- Asynchronous Day for general education students
  • October 28- Boo Through & Trimester 2 Supply Pick-Up for Remote Learners


Julie Tarasiuk & Melinda Perez