ABC Countdown

To celebrate the last 26 days of an amazing school year, we are going to have a theme/activity that goes along with each letter of the alphabet! Click on each day for a further description.

Pack your school things in anything but your backpack!

Fun activity with buddy class!

Kinder – Yellow
1st – Blue
2nd – Green
3rd – Orange
4th – Red
5th – Purple
6th – Tie Dye

Dress as your favorite Disney character!

Wear your favorite Einstein gear!

Wear your fanciest outfit!

Play a fun game during class!

Wear your favorite hat!

Wear your clothes inside out!

Tell your best joke!

Tell your best joke!

Wear tropical gear!

Play your favorite music!

Create a new name for the day!

Students dress like teachers, teachers dress like students!

Wear your coziest pajamas!

Bring a pillow and your favorite book to enjoy some quiet reading!

Rock your tie-dye or your most colorful outfit!

Dress as your favorite superhero!

Show a teacher you are grateful for them by writing them a letter or thanking them!

Represent your favorite sports team!

Visit the teachers and students in the grade above you!

Wear the wackiest hair style!

Go outside to get some exercise!

Yay! It’s Field Day!

Zip on out and celebrate a fantastic school year!