About Einstein

Einstein serves roughly 500 students kindergarten through sixth grade. The school was built in 1974 and quickly added an addition to serve its expanding community.

Einstein has an effective staff that meets both the academic and social/emotional needs of our students. We have a myriad of services available to the students of our school community. We implement the district’s core curriculum’s with a balanced literacy and balanced math approach. Einstein utilizes curriculum-aligned interventions to meet the needs of all our students. During our acceleration time, students who struggle receive additional time and support with key literacy concepts while our other students have opportunities for enrichment of their own. Einstein has fully implemented Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) throughout the building. This is a positive approach to student behavior where students are celebrated for the good work they do in school. We have school celebrations and all the students get recognized when they are following our expectations of being safe, respectful, and responsible while at Einstein. 

In addition to the excellent academic environment, Einstein teachers offer several enrichment opportunities for students such as Student Ambassadors, Band, Orchestra, Rocketry, Coding, GEMs, Battle of the Books, Student Patrols, and more!

Mascot: Owl

Colors: Red and White