Arrival & Dismissal

Please review the arrival and dismissal procedures below. A map has been included for you to reference.

The parking lot will remain closed from 8:20am-8:40am.

  • All bussers will enter through Door 1.
  • Walkers and car riders can enter through Doors 1, 6, or 13 beginning at 8:30am.

Staff will be outside supervising students from 8:30am-8:40am. Please observe parking signs on Laurie Lane and Kensington as well in the cul-de-sac behind the school. Our parking lot will remain closed during arrival times.

Anytime after 8:40am is considered tardy. If your child arrives to school later than 8:40am, please walk your child inside the main office and sign them in.

The parking lot remains closed from 2:55pm-3:10pm.  On Wednesdays, due to early dismissal, the parking lot will be closed from 2:25pm-2:40pm.
Students will dismiss out of the following doors:

  • All bussers exit Door 1
  • Kinder walkers/riders exit Door 10 (back door)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd walkers/riders exit Door 6 (back door)
  • 4th and 5th, walkers/riders exit Door 13 (front of building)
  • 6th walkers/riders exit Door 14 (front of building)

Staff will be outside supervising dismissal when students are exiting the building. Please have students touch base at home prior to visiting our playground. Please designate an area for siblings to meet since they will be exiting out of multiple locations. Please communicate with your child(ren) where you would like them to meet you to be picked up.

If you are picking your child up in the back of the school, please be mindful of No Parking signs on the street. The back cul-de-sac is considered a Kiss N’ Go. Parents should not be exiting their vehicle to drop off or pick up unless you are parked in a legal spot.