Arrival & Dismissal

Beginning 2/16/20 – Reminders and Changes to In-Person Procedures
We stagger our dismissal to avoid large groups of students gathering. We are making changes to our arrival and dismissal procedures to accommodate our students. If your child is a busser, please take note of when they arrive home. It is best to be prepared for them to arrive slightly earlier than their anticipated drop-off time. We want to ensure the safety of all students. 

We will continue to utilize several entrances into the building to encourage social distancing. Due to moving to 5 days of in person instruction, we will no longer be able to facilitate arrival and dismissal behind our school in the cul-de-sac.

For families dropping their child(ren) off, please enter our parking lot no earlier than 8:30AM, this allows us time to get our busses into the parking lot. To make this a smooth and quick process, do not turn left into the parking lot.

Please pull up to the stop sign in the parking lot. We will have our students dropped off outside of doors 13 and 14. Parents will not be able to park in the lot or stop and get out of the car. This will serve as a drop and go lane. It is imperative we keep traffic flowing as to not block traffic on Laurie or Kensington. Therefore parents will drop off and continue directly to the exit.

Einstein Arrival Map

All parent pick-up will occur in the front parking lot at 3:00. Our bussers will be allowed in first prior to parents entering the lot. To make this a smooth and quick process, do not turn left into the parking lot. Please remain in your cars and refrain from walking to the building as we are limiting non essential visitors at this time for the safety of our staff and students. 

Parents will be let in the parking lot at 3:00 and asked to proceed along the front of the building. Children will be lined up at the front of the building by the main entrance with staff. We are asking great caution be used when picking up students and that you do not pass other vehicles while in line. Please remain in your vehicles until your child(ren) is safely in your car.

Einstein Dismissal Map